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Literature Creative Writing “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury Using the module literature on the ‘division of labour’, analyse and assess the relationship between the demise, or growth, of individual knowledge and the overall expansion of knowledge within society and its implication for social hierarchy.
4 Pages
$16-46 Rate
Health care Essay Leadership, Creativity and Organization Dynamics Need read and summarize the book Arbinger Institute (2008) Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box. Expanded Third Edition. Please write a reflection on the book and how I can apply it in my daily life. MLA format is required.
2 Pages
$6-12 Rate
Linguistics Research How Linguistic Research inform other practices Describe how research and/or theories from linguistics inform practices in a particular context. I need editing help. Please make sure to improve the conclusion of my draft. I need to eliminate the Haggan one. And in place of that reference add another, preferably from a journal or book. The document should not exceed 800 words (References do not count for the word count)
2 Pages
$8-10 Rate
Nutrition Article Food & Beverages Identify two tactile food and beverage experiences that you believe would provide opportunities for tourists to express or affirm their food enthusiast identity as defined by Robinson and Getz′s (2016) food involvement dimensions.
5 Pages
$24-60 Rate
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We live in a world where everyone is constantly in a rat race. Each individual is trying to win the race and get the most desirable job. In such mad race, there are people, who are not able to cope up. They have degrees, but there is a dearth of job opportunities. How about doing a freelance writing job? You can become a freelance writer on writingcreek.com. It is a platform for freelancers to make money by using their writing skills.

What do you need to write about? Most people feel that they have to write about love, life, and subjects that they are not aware of! It is a common misconception. You can write academic content for students and scholars. One can also write commercial pieces for businesses. Speaking of business, you can also become a resume writer for best resume writing services . Yes, you can get paid for drafting someone’s resume!

If you are a graduate and you have the capability to draft fantastic CV’s , use that skill and become an expert with us.

Here is a quick post for you to understand the requirements of the site.

There are certain requirements to become an expert on the platform. They are –

       You need to be a high-school graduate. The team asks for the copy of diploma.

       You need to abide by the deadlines. The work that you would be doing for the clients is serious work. You cannot miss the deadlines. You should be honest and serious about the work. Since you are responsible for drafting the resume for a person, you have to make sure that you give it within the stipulated timeframe.

–        Your formatting and writing skills should be advanced. This is serious work. You do not have to write an essay on nature or love. You need to compose academic content/resumes for businesses. The candidate would get a job based on the CV that you draft for him/her.

–        You can check format of the resume on Google, but you are not allowed to copy and paste. Plagiarism is prohibited! If you copy and paste, the work will be rejected.

–        You should be available to respond to the clients. You are not required to be online 24 hours in a day, but you should be prompt with your response to the clients.

The benefits of working with freelancewriting.biz are endless. You just need a laptop and internet connection to get started. If you are fond of writing, then you must apply. In order to become an expert on the platform, you need to sign up and clear the grammar test. The test includes 30 questions. Once you clear the test, you can start getting projects.

The people living in remote places can also become an expert on this site. It is a great opportunity for you to hone your skills! Also, you would get a competitive salary on this platform. What are you waiting for? This is a golden opportunity for you! Don’t let it go.

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